Hago Harrington

Leland Kitteridge Harrington, universally known as Hago Harrington, may be better known nowadays for a Stoneham, MA miniature golf course named in his honor in 1950. But there was a time when Hago Harrington was the best hockey player in all of New England.

Born in Melrose, MA on August 13th, 1904. He became the high school hockey hero who later played for the amateur Boston Unicorns. By 1925 the left winger turned pro with the Boston Bruins, wearing number 15. Over the next two years he would participate in 48 games, scoring 8 goals and 10 points.

During those two seasons he also spent time with New Haven in the long defunct Can-Am League. He quickly became the centerpiece of an inter-league dispute that was not settled until 1928. Harrington really took a liking to New Haven and to the Can-Am League, and refused to go back to Boston when the Bruins called. He asserted that he had no contract with the Bruins and they had no right to relocate him.

This threatened a "hockey war" between the two leagues. It was later agreed that the Bruins did in fact own Harrington's playing rights, and to end the dispute the Bruins sold those rights to the Can-Am League. The only catch - they sold him to Providence rather than New Haven.

Harrington did not seem to mind the relocation to Rhode Island. He played 8 seasons for the Reds, interrupted only by a 24 game sojourn with the Montreal Canadiens, the Bruins' chief nemesis, in 1932-33.

Harrington retired in 1936, helping Providence capture Can-Am championships in 1930, 1932 and 1934. After retirement he became part of the management group of the Boston Garden. He also coached the Boston Olympics for over a decade.


Unknown 5:32 PM  

It was so amazing to find this. Hago is my daughter's great-great Uncle and it is so nice to know that he lives on.

dotty bye 9:41 AM  

Hog Harrington was 1st cousion to my mother Lula (Forbes )Harris of Melrose ma.
So nice to be able to look up family history.

Anonymous,  6:47 AM  

Hago was my grandfather. I grew up in Melrose Mass

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