Allen Pedersen

If you are looking for offense, you are looking in the wrong place.

Allen was definitely not a scorer. He only scored 5 goals in 8 years. Four times he went scoreless the entire season. In fact he went a stretch of about 200 games without scoring a goal at one point. He never scored a single point in 64 playoff games.

So how could a guy who put up so little stick in the NHL for 428 games?

Pedersen was an intimidating stay at home defenseman. A willing shot blocker, Pedersen was at his best clearing the front of his net. Although not a bone crunching hitter, Pederen played a strong positional game based strictly on defensive posturing.

Pedersen's game was handcuffed by his skating ability. He was an awkward and slow skater, with little mobility. This hurt him even defensively as he couldn't wander even a step or two out of position to chase a loose puck or make a big hit, as more likely than not he would get burned.

Pedersen's game also was limited by his lack of self confidence. He seemed to always be down on himself, and this hurt Allen's development from a strictly one dimensional hockey player.

Drafter 105th overall by the Boston Bruins in 1983, Pedersen joined the B's three years later for the 1986-87 campaign. He stayed in Boston for 5 years before making a one year stop in Minnesota and another one year stop in Hartford. By 1993-94 Pedersen found himself playing for the Whaler's farm team and was released by year's end. He then turned to the IHL and played one year with the Atlanta Knights, where he continued the same style of play he always played - scoring 0 goals.


Unknown 8:15 PM  

Allen Pedersen scored only 8 goals in professional hockey, and I saw two of them. In the same night.

I was a season ticket holder for the Springfield Indians for many years, and Allen played in Springfield his next to last year. He was paired with team captain John Stevens, an excellent defensive defenseman whose foot speed, nonetheless, was just a hair faster than Allen's. My wife and I knew well Pedersen's complete lack of scoring ability - a Boston sportswriter famously bet him he wouldn't score again in a season - so we were laughing when he did score in a match.

Then five minutes later he did it again.

We went flat out berserk (much to the surprise of our section, who had no idea the import of the goal) with screaming. It had to have been the only two-goal game of his organized hockey career, from midgets on up ... and it proved to be the last goal Pedersen ever scored.

Unknown 2:02 PM  

Al "Beach" Pederson is currently running an ice rink in Colorado Springs. He is one of the nicest guys I have ever met. he knows everyone who comes to the rink by name and will always be the first to provide you a positive comment about how you played the game on your way out. That's right, he puts so much into the community and the rink, he watches a lot of the games! If you're ever in C Springs, go to CO Sports Complex just off of Interstate 25 in Monument and sa hi to the legend. You won't be disappointed.

Anonymous,  12:52 AM  

Alex Parker you are spot on! We stumbled upon the ice rink and found a gem in Al.

Anonymous,  8:38 PM  

Agree with others comments about Al. My son 6 year old son is taking hockey lessons with him and he loves what he is doing. Very approachable and more than happy to share stories of his days with the B's. True class act.

Unknown 8:59 AM  

Al's heart is much bigger than his penchant for scoring goals. A few years ago, when my son was going through an extremely difficult time, Al offered to sign him up in his hockey league free of charge. It was a gesture we will never forget, and gave my son something to look forward to while he went through some serious struggles. The impact was immense and we'll never forget his generosity.

Evergood 8:22 AM  

We just moved to Colorado Springs and in looking for a hockey home, a number of folks recommended Al. So far we have not been disappointed. Even with the Mites, he's on the ice encouraging and coaching even the most inexperienced. We also appreciate that he makes the program accessible to working parents, meaning, it's about half the cost of CSAHA. While the ice isn't the best, the rest of the program makes up for it.

Unknown 5:06 PM  

I have known so many NHL players in my life, Al is one of only a handful of these guys I call friends, Why is that? Because he cares. He loves the game and loves the kids. I have never seen an ex-pro more dedicated. Enroll your kids at his rink and you will never regret it.

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